University Insight seeks to improve the way higher ed does its business

University Insight launched today, bringing together leading minds in higher education digital strategy, user experience, marketing, and recruitment to start a new conversation about how technology is used to get things done in higher ed.

Following 12 months of planning and development, Joel Goodman and Brendan Pittman are starting their work at a time of global crisis and uncertainty. With decades of combined higher education and digital experience, University Insight will bring a level-headed approach to navigating the challenges institutions face, including the current and future complications brought about by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Experience Matters

The University Insight team has worked with higher education institutions around the world; from the leading and largest research institutions to community colleges trying to better serve and equip their next generation of local leaders. Their projects have included:

  • Digital and web development projects with institutions including MIT, Cornell, GWU, and LSU.
  • Working directly with prospective students in over 70 countries
  • Adding $8 million annual revenue to an individual institution through digital strategy and design.
  • Leading national and international initiatives on program development, alumni tracking, global recruitment strategies, and prospective student engagement

The team plan to lead the conversation on how to reform and re-tool internal and external institutional processes whilst helping their partner institutions come out of the current crisis ready to succeed in the new normal. In their first year, they will unveil tools to help institutions utilize the successes of recent alumni to engage new, best-fit prospective students.

Now more than ever, this experience is crucial to the industry. If you are interested in being part of the conversation, please get in touch.

Let’s change
the paradigm.